Kdl 32bx340 схема

kdl 32bx340 схема
This affects Picture settings and Wide Mode settings. To view PC content set Scene Select to Graphics, Wide Mode to Full, and Display Area to Full Pixel. Press on the remote control to display the menu options. Push to… Page 23: Remote Control Button Description N (PLAY): Press to play a program at a normal speed. M (fast forward): Press to play a program in fast forward mode. • The 5, N and CH + buttons have a tactile dot.

The first time you create a password, confirm the password by entering it again. Page 38: Using The Picture Settings Description Picture Mode Displays the options selected in the Scene Select settings (page 24). When Customized Scene Select is set to General, the first three options below can be selected. picture viewing Vivid Select for enhanced picture contrast and sharpness. White Balance Adjusts the color temperature in detail. • Available Picture options, including options in Advanced Settings depend on Scene Select and Picture Mode. Lock Select Unlock to allow adjustment to any of the Picture settings. Page 41 • MTS Audio is only available for analog programs. • Alternate Audio is only available if the program is broadcast with alternate audio streams. • You can also access Sound Mode, MTS Audio and Alternate Audio by using the OPTIONS button on the remote control.

When a PC is connected to the TV and PC input is selected, you can Normal is available with 480i or 480p change the PC Screen settings. Page 10: Locating Inputs And Outputs (not supplied). If an adapter is used, connect the adapter to the computer before connecting the HD15-HD15 cable. Idle TV Select to automatically power off the TV after 1 h, 2 h, or 4 h when no buttons are Standby pressed or touched on the remote control or the TV. Select Off to disable this function. Off)/ Lights up in green when the Power Saving is set to Picture Off. Page 45: Using The Parental Lock Settings Description Password The Parental Lock settings allow you to set up the TV to block programs according to their content and rating levels. For further protection, be sure to follow the three… Page 20: Running Initial Setup • Scan for digital and analog channels • Set the current date and time after Auto Program.

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